Michael O. Banowetz

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9/82 to present:                                   Lighthouse Productions
                                                              Post facility, producer, director, writer, editor, graphic artist, owner.

         Freelance film/video production. Credits include producing, directing, writing, editing, and shooting films and videos while offering postproduction offline/online facilities with special effects and graphic design, clients including Disney, National Geographic, National PBS, ESPN, the Discovery Channel,
         Starz!, Animal Planet, HGTV, DIY, Fine Living Network, the Colorado Rockies, TCI, Warren Miller Entertainment, Outdoor Life Network, Quiznos, 9KUSA, Gannett Productions, Green Peace, Up With People, World Cup sporting events, National Stroke Association, Denver International Airport, Sailing
         and Cruising World magazines, and many others. Avid, Final Cut, Premiere Pro editing systems in house.

9/09 to present                                    Untimely Films, LLC
                                                             Post facility, producer, director, writer, editor, animator, graphic artist, co-owner. 
          Freelance animation and graphic design. Most recently, our animation work was exhibited worldwide in all the Guggenheim Museums. Expertise in After Effects and Photoshop.

3/13 to 12/17:                                      Orion Entertainment
                                                             Producer, editor.

          Writing and editing various series for Nat Geo Wild, HGTV, Travel Channel, Outdoor Channel, and DIY.

4/98 to 11/12:                                      High Noon Entertainment/Rocket Pictures
                                                             Producer, writer, editor, graphic artist.

         Writing, editing and motion graphics for over 30 television series on the Discovery Channel, Animal Planet, History Channel, Food Network, HGTV, DIY, the Cooking Channel, and more.

1/96 to 3/9                                            Great Scott Productions
                                                              Series producer, editor.

          Series producer and editor for "Hollywood One On One," a weekly, 1/2 hour, multiple Emmy-winning, local, national and international television series.   


          GRADUATE: Columbia University, New York, NY. M.F.A. in Screenwriting/Directing, 1988. Two merit scholarships. Studied with Martin Scorsese, Brian DePalma, Milos Forman, Ralph Rosenblum, and many others.

          UNDERGRADUATE: Colorado State University, Fort Collins, CO. Honors Graduate, B.A. in English, minor in Creative Writing, 1985. Graduated with Honors and Distinction, Phi Beta Kappa, G.P.A. 3.97. Two Creative Writing Scholarships, Elks Leadership Scholarship, Kiwanis Citizenship 
          Scholarship, Ben Delatour Scholarship, and Finalist Boettcher Scholar.


          2012 Sir Edmund Hillary Mountain Film Award, 2012 Aspen Shortfest Audience Special Recognition, 2012 Spirit of Activism Award, 2011 NexTV Semi-Finalist Directing Talent Search, 2010 Juried Selection Guggenheim YouTube Play, 2010 NexTV Webisode Semi-Finalist, 2010 Official 
          Selection LA Comedy Film Shorts Festival, 2007 New York Festivals Gold World Medal, Best Documentary, 2004 National Emmy Nomination, 2002 National Emmy nomination, two 2001 Tellie Awards, 2001 Teddy for Outstanding Outdoor Adventure Documentary, 2000 Teddy Award for
          Outstanding Outdoor Adventure Series, 1995 Emmy for Outstanding Entertainment Program, two 1995 Emmy nominations, 1994 Cable Ace, 1994 Cine Golden Eagle, 1994 Silver Medalist New York Film Festivals, three 1994 Emmy nominations, 1994 C.B.A. for Best Children's Programming,
          three 1993 Emmy nominations, 1993 Alfie, 1992 Cine Golden Eagle, 1992 Tellie, 1992 Blue Sky Award, Finalist 1989 Nicholl Screenwriting Fellowship, Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences.


          “Brain Games,” 2019, Nat Geo Wild. Editor.

          “Dr. K.’s Exotic Animal ER,” 2017-19, Seasons 4 and 5 for Nat Geo Wild. Story producer, editor, post facility.

          “Divertuoso: John and Friends,” 2018, sizzle reel for television series. Producer, editor, post facility.

          “Zoo Life,” 2017, series for Nat Geo Wild. Story Producer.

          “Street Science,” 2017, series for Science Channel. Editor, post facility.

          “Western American Art,” 2017, episode for Colorado Experience, RMPBS. Editor, post facility.

          “Still Here,” 2017, sizzle reel for feature length documentary on the Sami people. Producer, editor, post facility.

          “Wild Ops,” 2017, series for Outdoor Channel,. Producer, editor, post facility.

          “Treehouse Guys,” 2016, Season 2 for DIY. Producer, editor.

          “Building Alaska,” 2015-16, Season 6 for DIY. Producer, editor, post facility.

          “Building Alaska,” 2015, Season 7 for DIY. Senior Producer.

          “The Treehouse Guys,” 2015, series for DIY. Editor.                

          “Living Big Sky,” 2014, series for HGTV. Editor.

          “Guiding Alaska,” 2014, series for Travel Channel. Editor.

          “Living Big Sky,” 2014, pilot for HGTV. Editor.

          “New House New Life,” 2014, series for HGTV. Editor.

          “Living Alaska,” 2014, series for HGTV. Producer, editor.

          “Building Alaska,” 2013-14, series for DIY. Producer, editor.

          “New House New Life,” 2013, pilot for HGTV. Producer, editor.

          “Living Alaska,” 2013, pilot for HGTV. Producer, editor.

          “World’s Weirdest: Creepy Cures,” 2013, Nat. Geo. Wild. Producer, editor.

          “Funeral Boss,” 2012, series for Discovery Fit. Editor.

          “Building Alaska,” 2012, series for DIY. Editor, producer, post facility.

          “Room Crashers,” 2012, series for HGTV. Editor, post facility.

          “Out Living It,” 2012. Official Selection Aspen Shortfest. Editor.

          “Heat Seekers,” 2011-12, series for Food Network. Editor.

          “Mob Confessions,” 2011, documentary series for Discovery Channel. Editor.

          “Arise,” 2011, feature length documentary for Idanha Films. Winner 2012 “Spirit of Activism” Award, Colorado Environmental Film Festival. Editor/Post/Graphics Facility.

          “Cheap Bites,” 2011, pilot for The Cooking Channel. Editor.

          “Swamp Men,” 2011, series for Nat. Geo. Wild. Editor, story producer, post facility.

          “Food Network Challenge,” 2011, series for Food Network. Editor.

          “My First Sale,” 2010-11, series for HGTV. Editor.

          “This Aborted Earth: Ah…Corpses!” 2010, animated short, semi-finalist NexTV Webisode Competition. Writer, director, animator, editor, graphics and post facility.

          “Professional Grade,” 2010, series for HGTV. Editor.

          “Factory Made,” 2009-­2010, series for Discovery Channel. Producer, editor.

          “Cool Tools,” 2009, series for DIY Network. Editor.

          “This Aborted Earth: The Quest Begins,” 2009, animated pilot/sizzle reel. Juried Selection Guggenheim YouTube Play, exhibited in the New York, Venice, Bilbao and Berlin Guggenheim Museums, Official Selection for the 2010 LA Comedy Shorts Film Festival. Writer, director, animator, editor, graphics and
          post facility.

          “Warriors,” 2008, series for The History Channel. Editor.

          “Simply Delicioso,” 2007-­2008, series for The Food Network. Editor.

          “Unwrapped,” 2008, series for The Food Network. Editor.

           “Food Competition Series,” 2005-­08, series for The Food Network. Editor.

          “Haulin’ House,” 2006-­2008, series for HGTV. Editor.

          “Dream House,” 2006-­2007, series for HGTV. Editor.

          “Rezoned,” 2006, series for HGTV. Producer/writer, editor, graphics, post facility.

          “Dream House: After Katrina,” 2005, special for HGTV, 2007 N. Y. Festivals Gold World Medal, Best Documentary. Editor.

          “Offbeat America,” 2005, series for HGTV. Editor.

          “My First Place,” 2005, makeover series for HGTV. Editor.

          “Destination Wild,” 2005, pilot for Fox Sports. Editor, graphic artist.

          “Beach Week,” 2005, 12 hour-­long specials for The Travel Channel. Editor/writer.

          “Out of Control Christmas,” 2004, hour­-long special for HGTV. Editor.

          “The Dalton Highway,” 2004, hour-­long documentary for OLN. Writer, editor, motion graphic artist/facility.

          “In A Fix,” 2004, hour-­long makeover show for TLC. Producer, writer, editor, post facility.

          “Surprise By Design,” 2002-­2004, hour-­long, Emmy ­nominated show for The Discovery Channel. Head editor/producer.

          “Superior Beings,” 2004, hour long Emmy ­nominated special, for Disney and ESPN. Producer/editor/motion graphics.

          “Comb-over: The Movie,” 2004, feature­ length documentary. Consulting producer/editor.

          “Pop Sci Adventures,” 2003, 30 minute pilot for National PBS series. Editor.

          “If Walls Could Talk,” 2003, weekly series for HGTV. Editor.

          “Busted,” 2001-­2002, weekly hour-­long series for Animal Planet. Online editor/facility, special effects and graphics artist/facility including application of FilmFX to make the series appear as if shot on film.

          “Warren Miller’s Global Adventure,” 1999­-2002, a series of hour long documentaries for Outdoor Life Network. Winner of two 2001 Tellie Awards and 2000 Teddy Award. Editor, graphic artist/facility, on­line facility.

          “Breed All About It,” 1999-­2001, series for Animal Planet. Producer, writer, editor, graphic artist/ facility.     

          Six screenplays: “Boulder,” “Fantastic Phantoms and Frauds,” “Felines,” “Love Thy Enemy,” option lapsed, “Raincoat,” and “The Lightkeepers,” Finalist 1989 Nicholl Screenwriting Fellowship, Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences. Three feature treatments: “She Was Born To Fly,” option lapsed,
          “Rimfire,” “Pound 17,” both purchased by Animal Planet.


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